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Project Description
Mocklet is a suite of PowerShell cmdlets designed to help system administrator generate sample or mock data for testing or building test environments.

Interim Release

An interim release (alpha) has been published.

The interim release supports the following cmdlets:
  • Get-Phrase: The Get-Phrase cmdlet creates three (3) four (4) letter words and outputs them.
  • Mock-Person: The Mock-Person cmdlet creates sample data of one or more Person objects. A Person has two properties FirstName and LastName.

NOTE: Technically the Mock-Person can generate 100000 unique names however that may not be the case. Checking should be done to ensure uniqueness of Mock-Person output prior to insertion into systems.


After installation is complete please run ./Register.ps1 or ./Register-x64.ps1 in the installation directory to register the Mocklet snapin.


All feedback is welcome, so please start a discussion or send me an email and we'll try to get it slated for a future release.

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